In the summer of 2016, chef and restaurateur Björn Frantzén closed his two-star restaurant in Gamla Stan in Stockholm to move to new premises. Now the new Frantzén restaurant has opened on three floors of a 19th century building in central Stockholm. Despite the fivefold increase in space compared with the old restaurant, the 23 seating capacity has been retained.

After almost a decade in the Old Town, Björn Frantzén closed his restaurant last year to move to larger premises. On 30th August, Frantzén opened again at his new address on Klara Norra Kyrkogatan 26 in Stockholm. The restaurant consists of three floors with an entrance hall and dining room as well as a lounge on the top floor in an old loft.

– After over a year of reconstruction work and preparation, we are finally up and running, says chef and restaurateur Björn Frantzén. Everything has gone really well and the new premises have in fact exceeded my expectations. Our goal was to create an overall experience such as never had been experienced before, and I hope our guests really feel this.

The gastronomic orientation of the new Frantzén remains the same, but thanks to the greater area, the guests get a completely different sense of space. This also applies to the kitchen, which now allows Frantzén access to techniques they were previously without, such as cooking over an open fire.

The restaurant is open Wednesday to Sunday and now also serves lunch on Fridays and Sundays. The price for the tasting menu is SEK 3 000 and the beverage package costs SEK 1 650. A non-alcoholic beverage package is provided at SEK 900. The seats for the coming month will be released at 10 am on the first day of each month


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Stefan van der Kwast Gissberg, Communication Director Frantzén Group